DxRacer Review – A Company Review

Here at gaming chair gods I do a lot of gaming chair reviews. I do my reviews of chairs from different gaming chair companies’. So, today I’m going to change it up and make a post about a gaming chair company. So the first gaming chair company I will review is DxRacer. This is Dxracer Review isn’t going to be about a particular chair. In this DxRacer review I will be breaking down the good and bad things about Dxracer.

I am going to speak about the companies’ evolution over time and their presence in competitive gaming. I will also review how Dxracer treats their customers and employees.

Competitive presence

One thing about dxracer I have always noticed is they are heavily involved in the professional gaming scene. DxRacer came onto the gaming scene in 2006. For as long as I have been watching Esports one thing has always been consistent and that’s the chairs.

The first competitive game I played was Counter Strike: Source. I was a little kid when I started playing counter strike and watching E- Sports broadcast. The suped up chairs the pros used always got my attention and they’ve always said DxRacer. DxRacer’s presence on the pro gaming scene has always been strong and even now is no different.

DxRacer has been killing it on the pro gaming scene in 2019 even with the extra competition that has arisen. The gaming chair company partnered with the Evolution championship Series this August. DxRacer might be the Nike of E sports. In the Evo championship series they provided chairs for gamers playing Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, Under Night In-Birth, DRAGON BALL FighterZ, Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, and Samurai Shodown. So yeah they working

A month before the Evolution championship series they were THE official gaming chair for the ESPN EXP Invitational. DxRacer provide chairs for 15 teams playing Apex Legends. They provide chairs for some of the top teams in the world, groups like Alliance, Counter Logic Gaming, Cloud9 Brazil, Luminosity Gaming, Complexity Gaming, Misfits, NRG Esports, T1, Team Liquid, our partner Tempo Storm, and many more.


Like in so many other fields in this world, women aren’t represented like they should be. It may come as a surprise to some people but girls like video games just as much as boys and are good. DxRacer recognizes this and openly acknowledges this by Partnering with Super Girl Gamer Pro.

If you aren’t familiar with Super girl Gamer Pro has provided opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated industries for the past 12 years. They created the Super Girl Gamer Pro to develop a platform for female gamers and to help inspire women to take a larger role within esports. The mission is to encourage the empowerment and participation of more women in competitive gaming and to help facilitate a future where women and men have equal opportunities within the esports and gaming industries.

This is an Excellent move for Dxracer.


I’m just going to get right to it and say Dxracer actually cares about their customers. Dxracer offers a 2-year warranty on parts that may be defective and they offer a lifetime warranty on their steel frames. Offering a lifetime warranty on their frames is really sweet deal. You could own a chair for 30 years and as long as Dxracer is alive and kicking you will get your frame repaired no charge.

DxRacer also has a good refund policy. It’s not anything super special but allowing you to assemble the chair and use it for 30 days but then if you don’t like it you can send it back.

Another good thing about DxRacer is Free shipping. This is the best thing in my opinion because some gaming chairs can get pretty heavy and I would not like to what that shipping cost would look like.


Now while Dxracer runs a good marketing campaign and makes some good partnerships that are both lucrative and good socially there is some bad. Many of the Dxracer employees are unhappy with how the company is ran.

An employee of DxRacer stated in Jan 26, 2019 that DxRacer is “An Extremely difficult place to work. I would highly recommend that you do not work here. The company is run entirely in China and US staff has no power, that includes US management. US staff is left in the dark about ongoing projects and you will rarely get direct answers, or global cooperation from other branches of the company.”

Hearing that Dxracer is not ran from The United States like they claim on their website is disheartening especially in a time when so many gaming companies’ outsource to save money


I like the moves Dxracer makes for the culture of gaming. The company is actively partnering with events and gaming teams to push the culture forward. I also think Dxracer has Excellent customer service and it’s wise to buy from their site or amazon. However, I do trust the words of their employees and I think their company would have more respect being based fully in the united states but hey it’s a business. Although if you’re looking for the Nike of gaming chairs DxRacer has your back and I recommend them to any buyer. I give DxRacer A review Score of 8.5/10. I appreciate you reading, please leave a comment below.

Comfy Gaming Chairs – A Cozy Boy Guide

Listen no matter if it’s clothes or shoes a car or a couch it’s a must i’m comfortable and cozy at all times. Gaming chairs are no different i don’t want a basic gaming chair i want Comfy gaming chairs. This is going to be a guide for picking Comfy gaming chairs. Im going to break down the features and material to look for in comfy gaming chairs. 

Which is more Comortable? 

So, im going to ask you a question which chair looks more comfortable this:

Or This: 

I don’t know about you but many people would choose the chair above. Most people would assume the gtracing chair is more comfortable because of the lumbar pillows and neck pillows. However, I’m here to tell you the chair that offers more comfort is the Noble Icon series. 

The icon series many not have fancy lumbar pillows but it does have lumbar cushions built into the chair at the spine and neck area. One thing that is fancy about the Noble Icon series is the fact it’s crafted like a Mercedes Benz car seat. The ICON series is designed with a multiple padding system and is crafted like a race car literally. The back rest was designed to match the natural shape of the back. 

So lets get this straight right now, just because a looks extra padded with pillows it doesnt make it more comfortable than some lowkey chairs. 


I think the next chair that really is a pillar of comfort is the Wensix gaming chair. 

Some good games are dropping soon like Cyberpunk and i know when that comes out i will be playing for atleast 14 hours straight. The Wensix gaming chair is a perfect for playing first person shooters and rpgs because if you’re like me you’ll be playing for awhile. 

Alot of padded out gaming chairs will look comfortable but really they have less dense foam. The Wensix chair is different because this chair is crafted with super high density foam. 

This chair is packed out with settings. The armrest can move up and down and in and out so you can really customize for more comfort. 

N Seat Pro 600

Lately I haven’t been playing many online first person shooters. I like flying solo and playing some single player games with a good campaign. Usually single player games dont require as much focus as Call of duty if you want a really good kill death ratio. If you’re that guy who wants to lock in and go beast everyone then the N seat is for you. 

When focusing low back support is important because if you’re trying to lock in you most likly hunch over a little bit. The N seat’s spine pillow will ensure you’re supported when you hunch over. This is good because when you do hunch over all of your weight is put on spine.

If you want to chill and lean back after a long day of gaming you can remove the massive lumbar pillow. The N seat pro also has excellent upper back support. It’s a surprise it only has a 3/5 rating on amazon. 

X Rocker

Now i don’t usually flock to gaming chairs like the X rocker. When i was a kid i had a chair like this and i used to play Black Hawk Down online on Ps2. The X rocker is good for the gamer who cares alot about sound. In a game like rainbow six siege sound is very important hearing a footstep makes all the difference when it comes to a win or a loss. 

The X rocker has 4 speakers built around the chair and a subwoofer with AFM technology. If you’re a sound hore this chair is definetly for you. 

Trigger Line 

The Vertagear Triigger line is definetly up there if you’re talking about comfy gaming chairs. One thing i like about the vertagear triigger line is it’s made with high quality breathable mesh. When you’re sitting for long periods of time you may end up sweating but this chair keeps you cool so you can focus on the task at end. 

The Triigger line is also highly adjustable. You are able to adjust the height and angle of the chair with levers on the armrest. Say you lean back, you can lock into that position all by using the armrest its pretty slick. 

On the Triigger 275 you can adjust the height of the lumbar support.

Comfort is Next to godliness 

These are just a few comfy gaming chairs. I would recommend any of these chairs to a competitive gamer or casual single player. I have mentioned this before but it really is a godsend and thats the vertagear chair selection tool.

 All you have to do is put it in your weight and height and vertagear will pinpoint some chairs that will be a good fit for your body. One thing to remember when looking for comfy gaming chairs is the foam density. You want to make sure the foam density is high or super when buying a gaming chair. Many of the Padded out gaming chairs look comfy but they won’t offer better support. Also when looking at a chair with Lumbar pillows you want to make sure the pillow is wide for extra spine support in those intense moments. I hope you this helps in your search for that right gaming chair leave a comment below. 

DxRacer King Series – A Chair for the Big boys

Today I’m going to be talking about The Dxracer King series. If you aren’t familiar with the different Dxracer series you’ve come to the right place because I’m also going to talk about some of the previous editions Dxracer put out before the DxRacer King Series.

For The Big Boys

The Dxracer king series is a chair for bigger gamers. The king series is made with a heightened backrest and a wide width to provide support for the taller and larger gamers. The seat on the Dxracer king series is also wider to provide more support for bigger builds. This chair is truly fit for a king, the armrest are incredibly adjustable. You can adjust the height off the armrest and they can move sideways with minimal degrees of freedom. The armrest also move inward and outward so you get the perfect position for your elbows to rest. The movement is very responsive, there is a button under the armrest that will allow you to move the armrest back and forth as well. The armrest is good but other Dxracer’s have more degrees of freedom with armrest being able to turn 180 degrees.


I like how Dxracer kept long gaming sessions in mind when creating this chair. Usually after a few hours of playing non-stop you might get sweaty literally and figuratively but the king series has your back. The DxRacer King series is crafted with carbon fiber mesh on the seat and the backrest. The Mesh gives the chair a more breathable feel allowing the player to stay cool and collected in intense moments.

Got your Back

The Dxracer King series also is equipped with two pillows on the backrest. One pillow located at the top of the chair is mean’t to support your neck and prevent pain. If you haven’t been to my site before or know the gaming chair jargon, The second pillow is called a lumbar pillow. This pillow is mean’t to support the small of your back also know as the lumbar spine. The cool thing about this chair is the backrest can recline 180 degrees just pull the lever and relax. You can also go forward more than 90 degrees.


The wheels on the King series are as quiet as a mouse. This chair is sitting on 3 inches PU casters and if you’re late night gaming on hardwood floors don’t worry about waking anyone. Above the wheels is the base and it’s big and bulky but oh so good. The King series base is so big it’s actually a good footrest I don’t know if that’s what they were going for but it works

The Others (Iron Series)

The king series isn’t the only DxRacer series before the king there was the iron series. The Iron series and the king series aren’t that different. These two chairs have similar dimensions. For example, The iron series has a seat depth of 20 while the king series has a seat depth of 19. They both have the same seat width and overall width. One difference between these two is the overall height. The Dxracer king series has a height of 56 inches while the Iron series is around 51 inches. The king series is made for people who are tall.

Formula Series

The formula series is chair for slightly smaller people. The Dxracer Formula series is only made 48 inches high. The formula series does have the same back rest height as the king series so it would be good for people with some height but if you’re on the heavy side the king series is your best bet.

Drifting Series

Now as far as dimensions go the Dxracer drifting series is like the formula series. The Drifting is made 49 inches high with a slight wider overall width. The width for the drifting series is actually bigger than the king series chair. The drifting series has an overall width of 28 inches while the King series has an overall width of 27. I think the drifting series is a good chair for someone who has kind of stocky build.

Boss Series

The Dxracer Boss series is defiantly for the guys with a little more weight on them. This chair is mean’t for a wide load with its seat width coming in at 30.5 inches. The Overall height for this chair is around 50 inches. One thing about the Boss series is most sizes can fit I comfortably in this chair but this one is mean’t for the heavy set gamer who plays a lot.


Last but certainly not least is the classic series dxracer gaming chair. This chair is like a culmination of all the series we’ve talked about in one. This seat has an overall width of 28 inches and a height of 51 inches. Regardless of your build you will find this chair to be a good seat.


I might have to try out the DxRacer King series. I am a pretty tall person and a gaming chair with a high backrest is perfect. If I had to choose between any other DxRacer Series I would also choose the Classic because it’s a big sturdy chair with a good width and height, a real grown man chair.

Video Game Chairs For Adults – They aren’t only for kids

I know there are many adults with adult occupations who believe gaming chairs are only for little kids who spend their free time playing fortnite but that couldn’t further from the truth. There are many video game chairs for adults on the market. If you don’t want a bright colored, pro team edition chair I understand. Although there are many chairs that look professional and offer the same comfort and back support. If you are a teacher, office worker, lawyer or content creator this article is for you. I’m going to break down why video game chairs are for adults and im going to suggest a few professional looking video game chairs or Adults.

Made by Adults for Adults

At the end of the day gaming chairs were made by adults for adults because Let’s be real kids 10-14 don’t really have money on hand to buy these high priced seats. Gaming chairs are used by adults but usually professional gamers or YouTube content creators you rarely see an accountant have a nice supporting chair in their office or cubicle from my experience. Truthfully, they are the ones that need the benefits these chairs offer the most because most of their day is sitting down and being productive.

back pain

Doctors say the root cause of back pain is strain on your hips when sitting down. When sitting for long periods of time you need to have your hips supported and aligned properly with your back to prevent back aches. A chair that looks professional and is mean’t support your hips and back while sitting is the Vertagear Triigger 350. The good thing about this chair is the ability to adjust the whole back frame for maximum lumbar support. Chairs that come with lumbar pillows are good too because they support you spine, you’ll honestly feel like you’re floating it’s a nice thing. Many Dxracer chairs come with detachable pillows for the neck and spine.

Keep it Professional

OK, so you’re grown and sexy you don’t want a special edition team liquid chair or anything like that. I’m here to tell you though just because those are the most advertised doesn’t mean there isn’t any grown up, professional looking chairs. The Vertagear Triigger is actually a good example because its available in black and it looks like your regular office chair but offers so much more. Another good example is the PL4500 by vertagear:

You see, in all black it looks very professional. So if you’re thinking about taking your gaming chair in the office keep it low key with black and laid back colors. My top 3 professional style gaming chairs are

  1. Vertagear SL5000
  2. Von Racer Massage gaming chair
  3. DXRacer OH/RW106/N

Play your Work

Honestly I feel like people with more serious occupations like a lawyer should have gaming chairs to really just make their job more fun. Just like it’s easier to make a long commute in a nice car its easier to get serious work done in a nice chair that you can customize for you own comfort. I have said it in other post and I’ll say it again, when you’re comfortable you’re more productive. This is why our saying is Comfort is Next to godliness. So, if your work has you stressed out don’t put more stress on your body by sitting in an inadequate office chair. I know I sound like a salesman but it’s because I’m honest and I am trying to sell you on the fact that gaming chairs provide a level of comfort that is needed for stressful jobs.

After Hours

Maybe you don’t want to take your chair to work or maybe you aren’t allowed you still shouldn’t pass on gaming chairs. We all like to go home after along day and relax. I know I want off the chart level of comfort after work. We all like watching TV, movies and shows and some may like reading books or browsing their phone. Whatever your thing is you want to be able to have comforting time off before you have to jump back on the hamster wheel again. Reclining chairs are good for this, I personally don’t believe you need a couch if you have a reclining gaming chair they are awesome for getting through your favorite show Netflix, You will be glued to that chair.


I have given you suggestions on the video game chairs for adults I think look professional and are good for working in comfort. There are plenty of gaming chairs out there that may fit your body type better than the ones I suggested. I recommend that you use the vertagear Chair Selection tool to find that perfect fit. Chairs4gaming also has a size chart that you can utilize to make a desicion on the right chair. These tools are really good if you’re a big or tall guy or girl because on vertagear you can even see a preview of what your body type would look like in that chair. I know what its like to sit for long periods of time, if the chair isn’t comfortable I will just want to get up and walk around and I won’t be able to get anything done. There’s a reason why gamers use these chairs and that’s to focus on the task at hand. Don’t be foolish and think they are only for kids. Thank you for reading Video game chairs for adults. Please leave a comment below, I appreciate feedback.

Vertagear SL4000 Gaming Chair – A gaming chair review

Product: SL4000 gaming chair 

Price: $379.99

Best Place to buy: Vertagear.com

Size of Container: 78 x 72 x 37.5 cm / 31 x 28 x 15 in

Today I Will be review the Vertagear SL4000 Gaming chair so if you’re thinking about buying this chair stop and read this. I’m going to be breaking down the features of this chair and if the chair is worth its price tag so lets get started. 

Product Overview 

The Vertagear SL4000 isn’t your ordinary chair by any means, This is one of vertagear’s highest rated chairs. The SL4000 offers mind blowing ergonomic comfort in its sleek racing chair design. The vertagear sl4000 is available in Green, blue, red, white and black. I have to say, this is one pretty chair. The SL4000 is made with PVC leather and is built with a steel frame so it is a sturdy chair. This gaming seat is also loaded with features like cushions and adjustable armest and back parts. The Vertagear SL4000 is also capable of holding over 300 pounds of gamer and is good for prolonged gaming or content creating sessions. 


Vertagear’s chair is loaded with features. I respect that it isn’t a bunch of useless things these are features we need. For example the adjustable 4 point armrest allow your arms or wrist to sit comfortable at all times. They are really easy to adjust, it’s kind of fun actually they 4D arm rest’s adjustability was on point. You’re not only able to adjust the height but you can adjust the width as well. The whole point of these arm rest is to provide your arms and wrist with better blow flow while playing games for a long time. 

Adjustable tilt

Another fun little feature the SL4000 offers is the adjustable tilt with locking system. This mechanism is below the buttocks at the bottom of the seat. The locking system is mean’t to rocking back forth easier or harder. I love setting the tension to low and being able to instantly go back. This system was put into place by vertagear to reduce muscle fatigue but its actually fun to make it match or your body weight or make it light as a feather. 

Assume the Postion 

I like that the sl4000 has a reclining back function that goes back 140 degrees but i am disappointed. I’m disappointed it doesn’t go 180 because i’ll sleep in it if i could. I was watching Narcos one night and i reclined all the way back i was feeling sensational. 


I really don’t have anything bad to say about this chair its so quality. The SL4000 is made with PVC Leather Thats water and stain resistant so slob on.  On the inside this beaut is stuffed with extra dense padding that is so breathable you will not sweat in this chair no lie. 


The wheels on the SL4000 are super quiet if you’re on hardwood floors this thing isn’t making a sound so roll around all hours of the night without fear of waking your loved ones. The soft glide wheels on this chair are made with an allminum alloy base and is built strong to be resistant to debris. 

Adjustable Seat and height 

The SL4000’s seat and height adjustability is on a different level in the gaming chair game. The seast and height adjustability ensures that you’re always in the right place to prevent unwanted stress on your back. 


I have dealt with many gaming chairs, especially ones sent in the mail you have to assemble. I was prepared for a battle with this chair but surprisingly it was very easy. Vertagear sends a very simple instruction page and you’ll complete assemble in 10 minutes max it reall way a blessing. 


I’m not sugar coating this chair, it might be vertagear’s best chair even with all the new releases. I’m not the only one who thinks this chair is extraordinary, the Sl4000 has been awarded by many companies. 

Really though without the awards this chair is still any amazing piece of work I would recommend this chair to anyone. Leave a comment below on your thoughts. thank you for reading, peace.

Used gaming chairs – A bad buy

Ok, so maybe you’re really cheap which you know isnt a bad thing its actually good if you plan to be rich. But let’s say you don’t want to pay the price on amazon and all these other retail stores. So you go on facebook marketplace or try to buy a used gaming chair from ebay or your friend because you’re getting a dxracer for 40 bucks. Well my friend, i must tell you that is a bad idea. In this article i will be breaking down why it is not in your best intrest to buy used gaming chairs. 

Worn and Torn 

So while your friends dxracer may look like a low price steal it isn’t wise to buy a chair that has been used for a couple of months to a year because it already has mileage on it and who knows you could take it home and use it for a few hours only for it to break. The good thing about many brand stores and amazon is they will give you a warranty on all parts for usually around 5 years at minimum. I’m sure your friend isn’t going to accept refunds or maybe they will i don’t know there’s no gauruntee. Thats why it is wise to buy from amazon, most chairs have a 60 day money back gauruntee. 

 Pristine Condition 

There’s nothing like getting a new gaming chair ,from the feel of the fabric to that new seat smell,its a great feeling. In my opinion it feels like a better by when i know everything is factory setting and pristine. For example,there’s zero wear on the frame and the fabric is 100 percent clean and the lever respone is on point. 

Price – Upside 

Depending on what chair it is the only upside to buying a used gaming chair is price because it obvious you can’t compete with the quality of a chair right off the assembly line. Although i have seen chairs on ebay that sell for $12.99 which is a ridculous deal. If you’re on a broke man’s budget i would recommend checking out some used chairs but if you’re willing to spend at $100 you have no business going near a used gaming chair because their are so many choices for someone on a $100 budget. 

New Choices, Nice Price 

Now if you have even 80 dollars to spend you should be going for the new gaming chairs, the ones that haven’t been touch by some other smelly gamer. We want our own stink in the chair,not that of a random. So im going to drops so knownledge on you so you can get a good cheap gaming chair instead of a used gaming chair. here is a list of what i suggest you look into for the lowest price if thats what this is about. 

With these chairs you will be getting security. You will be able to have a 5 year warranty on all gaming chair parts. Also, there is a 60 day money back gauruntee so if you decide you want your money back and want to get a used chair its done. 

Payment Options 

Now the good thing about these gaming chair brands is they aren’t all bad and completly greedy because companies like Vertagear offer payment plans for some of the more expensive items so if you will have it this might be a good thing to consider. Sites like chairs4gaming and vertagear do this and im sure some pages on amazon do aswell. 


If you do end up buying a gaming chair off of ebay be wary of scams. These lowlifes really aren’t crafty at all and aren’t that tough to spot. One way to tell if you’re on a scammers page is by looking at their previously sold items. In my experience the scammer will only have One item and thats the one they are tring to sell you. Buy used gaming chairs can be dangerous if you’re not careful. Another way to spot if someone is trying to swindle you is if you check out and they want to use paypal that is a sign not always but its best to use the method on ebay. 

So, Used gaming chairs 

My whole point of this article is to say that used gaming chairs aren’t reall the best buy when we have retailers and amazon that will hook you up just for shopping with them. I’d rather have a nice money back gauruntee than a hope the person I buy from has the same intgierirty as me. Overall it is safer to stay away from used gaming chairs there are better options out there on the internet and we can find them. Thank you for reading leave a comment below. 

    Are gaming chairs worth it – Thoughts

    Gaming chairs are not cheap by any means. I have reviewed 1000 dollar chairs before and i understand everyone cannot afford to just be throwing money around on gaming chairs but if you spend the money now you are able to relax for years and years to come. But are Gaming chairs worth it? In this article i will be breaking down why i think gaming chairs are worth their sometimes high price.

    Invest in yourself

    Maybe you’re a gamer who wants to start playing more competitive or you just want to improve your game. I can speak from experience and say that a gaming chair will be a factor in improving your game play. Gaming chairs aren’t just for gamers, if you’re a content creator who sits long periods of time making videos, editing or typing you can greatly benefit from a high quality gaming chair.

    There are many benefits to owning a gaming chair and one of them is maximum comfort. Here at gaming chair gods we say “comfort is next to godliness”. What mean by that is when you’re in a relaxed state you can accomplish amazing, extraordinary things all it takes is focus and one can’t focus in an uncomfortable position.

    The PROper way to play

    The way i see it if you’re participating in competitive games and not using a gaming chair you are not playing correctly. Its just like going to play some really good basketball players in some sandals they’re going to run right over you. Many top players across all platforms are good because of their gaming chair it’s not a joke.


    These gaming chairs assist the player by presenting the tools to have better posture while playing the game. A gaming chair is as important as a football player’s cleats. When you purchase a gaming chair you aren’t just buying a chair. Many of the Dxracer chairs come equipped with a lumbar pillow for your spine and that makes the chair ten times more comfortable than the average chair or office style chair. Doctors say the leading cause of back pain is poor protection near the lumbar spine area while sitting. When you sit in a gaming chair like the Techni TS61 for example they usually give of the feel that it’s hugging your body this is exactly why they are perfect and prevent back pain.

    Long Term

    A gaming chair is one of those investments that are helpful in the long term if you invest 200 to 300 dollars in a gaming chair it is an investment that could last you 15 years or even longer. Vertagear gaming chairs are incredibly durable because of how the frame is made. Really with gaming chairs the more money you put in the longer you will have that particular chair. So, really don’t be intimidated by big price tags and just realize the more you spend the more likely the chair will literally never break.

    No couch needed

    If you live alone There’s really not a lot of use for furniture like a big couch. If you live alone and you’re a gamer than all you need is a gaming chair especially one with reclining functions. A gaming chair with Reclining capabilities is way better than an ordinary couch. A reclining gaming chair has the ability to even be used as a bed simply because of the PVC foam used in many of the chairs sold today. So that’s another benefit to owning a gaming chair, it is a piece of furniture that actually supports the body and is more comfortable than many living room pieces.


    Another reason gaming chairs are worth it is the warranties they offer. Many gaming chairs on amazon offer a 5-year warranty on all parts which is really useful. I know you probably aren’t planning on destroying you new pristine gaming chair but things happen. Gaming chairs are a good investment because the warranties really have your back. Say your chair breaks on the 5th year of your warranty you’ll basically be covered for a whole new chair which will give your buy an even longer lifespan and that’s great if you ask me.


    So, are gaming chairs worth it? absolutely, your question should be “are gaming chairs worth it?” but it should be “where do i buy a quality gaming chair?” Don’t worry im going to break down my favorite places to shop for these suped up seats.

    These 3 sites are all you really need to find an amazing gaming chair that’s the right fit and right price. I talk about this a lot and that’s vertagear’s chair selection tool. If you aren’t sure if that chair you have your eye on is going to fit your body type correctly look into their chair selector. Vertagear will ask you your Gender, Height, and weight. Their tool will them provide you with a list of chairs in your weight class that will support you in everyday. I appreciate you reading i hope i could be some help. Leave a comment below i am always looking for feedback. 

    What is a good gaming chair – guidelines to follow when buying

    So you might have your eye on a dope chair online but since you aren’t able to sit in it you aren’t entirely sure if it’s a good choice or not. Never fear, you’re in the clear I will be breaking down some guidelines to follow when buying a good gaming chair online. If you’re asking what is a good gaming chair? by the end of this article I will give you suggestions for gaming chairs and what you need to look for before buying.

    More Chairs than you’ve ever seen

    So you might hit up google and type in “gaming chairs” like any regular person then you’ll see like every gaming chair ever invented and get overwhelmed on which is the best buy for money. I mean there’s really a lot of brand names out there like Dxracer, vertagear, secret lab, Gtracing and more. I’m here to tell you if you’re buying your first gaming chair make it count.

    Rule 1: make it count

    While many of these brands are good you want to make this purchase. I mean you should be looking for the chair that is the most durable and most comfortable. There are many chairs out there that can last you 5 years easily because of how they are built. I’m going to show you how to identify these chairs.

    if you see this next to a chair on amazon it is an indicator of how long the chair will last you. This is a protection plan and some even go up to 12 years and it’s good to have incase something happens to one of the parts. The OFM Chair I bought on amazon had a 5-year protection plan and that’s exactly how long it lasts me.

    If a chair is built with an aluminum frame then that is a sign that it will last you a good amount of time. Vertagear does a good job on their chair frames, the aluminum they use is supposedly higher than the U.S grade standard 8.


    When buying a gaming chair you also want to keep an eye out on the fabric certain chairs use. If your somebody who gets sweaty easily, you definitely want to get a chair that’s made with breathable material. If a chair is made with breathable nylon that is a sign that the material will provide good air circulation, you won’t look like you’re coming straight from the gym when you get out your seat. If you’re looking for material that will last you a long time before buying look into leather chairs. Many of these leather gaming chairs are using fake leather but fake leather is super easy to clean and long-lasting.

    Rule 2: Easy assembly

    There is nothing more frustrating than receiving your fresh gaming chair in the mail only to spend way too much time putting it together it really does feel like work and we game, we don’t work. So when buying a gaming chair you want to check if it’s easy to assemble. To do that you would have to watch many videos and read reviews to really figure that out so instead of you searching for that information a suggestion would be a chair like the Arozzi Verona Junior. This is chair is super easy to assemble, you’ll unpack it and be gaming in minutes.

    Rule 3: Comfort

    This is very important because at the end of the day comfort is next to godliness. It’s hard to tell if a chair you buy online is actually comfortable. You don’t know if it is going to fit your body the right way or not, how could you know? Well I have new for you, vertagear has a chair selection tool that will spawn a chair that will fit your body. I know it sounds crazy but all you do is put in your height and weight and let it do the work for you. There is even an option to visualize how you would look in that specific chair is pretty cool. Access it here:

    What I recommend

    if you’re on a budget of say $100 then I have suggestions of chairs that I guarantee you will be happy with. If you aren’t happy you can come back here and yell at me. So this is my list for good gaming chairs under $100:

    These are just a few suggestions but you can find a quality gaming chair for under a $100 dollars. Although if you’re in the $200 or higher range I would recommend going with a good Dx racer or a vertagear chair. Vertagear would be a good decision because of their chair selector tool. I’m going to provide you with some suggestions for the $200 or higher range.

    What is a good gaming chair?

    A good gaming chair is one that is comfortable, easy to assemble and durable. If you look for these three things when buying a gaming chair you will be happy with your purchase I guarantee it. If you choose to follow the suggestions in this article I stand by them, they are really solid chairs that are worth your attention. I hope I was able to help in some way I’m out and thank you for reading.


    Ergonomic Office Chair Review – From a Gamer

    Product: Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

    Price: $1,169.00

    Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

    Size of chair: 26.75”W x 26”D x 48.2-53”H

    Gauruntee:  5 year warranty 

    We are called gaming chair gods of course but I do my share of sitting and creating content, you know office work. So I said to myself I’ll review an ergonomic office chair. But which one? so I decided to review a very controversial and expensive chair and that’s the humanscale freedom office chair. Some people call it the best chair of 2019 so today I’m going to give you my breakdown of this high priced seat.

    Humanscale Freedom office chair overview

    A good office chair is very important for you to maintain posture during your long work hours. This mean you have to be sitting with your knees slightly higher than your hips; and your hips, shoulders, and ears all lined up with each other. Other chairs have different kinds of recline functions but the humanscale freedom has the minimum amount of lever functions and the maximum amount of freedom to adjust your seat to achieve perfect posture.

    The Good Things

    The style of chairs goes along way here and I really love the humanscale freedoms style it’s clean and simple. If you have a little more money to spend you could pimp out the humanscale freedom with the plethora of options they offer on their website too.

    Build Quality

    The human scale freedom has one of the best build qualities in the world and it really shows. Everything from the stitches on the seat to the way the frame looks is pure perfection. You can tell that they are serious over at Humanscale when it comes to quality.

    Lumbar support

    ing case you didn’t know lumbar means spine and this chair supports the heck out of it. The Freedom has a function called pivoting lower lumbar support. This basically means no matter how much or where you move around the chair your lower back will also be supported and boy is it great.

    Weight Activated recline Function

    Another good feature this chair offers is wait activated reclining. I actually fell in love with this feature, you are able to not only lean back without using a level but you can also lock that position all hands free. You simply use you wait to recline back and this works no matter where your body is on the chair. To lock in the position you just stop leaning and the chair does the rest for you.

    Is it really worth it? They have some of the best materials

    Now this chair is incredibly expensive, I mean it’s a 1000 dollar investment and we all have bills to pay but high prices come with top quality material. The humanscale was ranked top 5 in the world for build quality and is probably one of the better built chairs I have seen. Even the design is top-notch, Humanscale incorporates a lot of aluminum throughout the frame making the chair look sleek. I personally like the style of the chair there isn’t a bunch of levers sticking out the side of it, the chair looks clean.

    Even though the humanscale freedom is crafted with some of the best material that doesn’t mean this chair is the best or even that good and I’ll explain Why.

    Seat Comfort

    While this chair looks the seat was’nt that comfortable it is made with some sort of gel and maybe im not used to sitting on that kind of material but I didn’t find it comfortable. I am used to sitting in chairs that are made with foam and the gel really wasn’t my thing. Another thing is when reclining in the freedom scale it was all good until I decided to go back 75% of the way and my neck felt like it was being bent in a weird way.

    Arm Width

    Another thing I don’t really like about this chair by humanscale is it isn’t built for everyone and since I’m reviewing it I must tell you this:

    The arm width on the Humanscale freedom because the minimum arm width is 19″ so smaller frames won’t be able to use the humanscale freedom.

    Country of Origin

    Now if you want to support manufacturing in the united states you should because things are made better here but Humanscale actually manufacturers in Mexico for lower cost parts which isn’t that big of a deal but for the price I was expecting something different.

    Should you get it?

    The humanscale freedom is a really solid chair, the build quality is there and the style is sleek in a minimalist way. Although what’s not minimalist about this chair is the price of 1000 dollars. I Do think this is a good overall chair but I don’t believe it should be worth $999.99. I do not think this would be a good buy for your buck I have been in more comfortable chairs for this price and I would recommend a chair like the triigger 350 by vertagear. I have a review of that chair here. I do not think the Humanscale freedom would be a good buy.

    Gaming Chair vs Office Chair – We know which one wins

    Many people have a belief that gaming chairs are only mean’t for the gamers. The office workers could’nt even see themselves in a chair like that at their job. I mean really the office chair is so plain and boring while gaming chairs are more flamboyant with their race car driving seat look and fancy pillows. In reality even the office workers need gaming chairs because of them benefits it can provide you.

    This article is called Gaming Chair vs Office Chair but we all know which one wins. A Gaming Chair vs office chair is like lebron James vs an elementary school basketball player. I will be breaking down the main reasons Gaming chair are for anyone who has to sit for long periods of time.

    Office Chair Knockout

    I’m not going to play around here, a lot of standard office chairs aren’t made locking in and performing for long hours. Many of the basic office chairs you see in best buy are nothing but a back ache ready to happen. I can say without the office chair I wouldn’t be sitting in absolute comfort right now because the design is the same as a gaming chair but the quality is not.

    A gaming chair on the other hand is a chair that is crafted for people to sit down and focus for long periods of time without feeling the urge to get up and walk around. Gaming chairs are ergonomically better than office chairs. Many gaming chairs on the market will hug your body allowing you to lock in on the task at hand.

    Winged and other Back Rest – 1 point for Gaming Chairs

    Gaming chairs on the market have winged back rest I cannot express how much of an important feature this is especially when you have to spend long hours doing paperwork or typing on the computer. The winged back rest on some gaming chairs will prevent back pain. I like the winged back rest because of the back hugging feel it gives, its good to have a chair that has my back.

    Lumbar Spine Support

    The regular office chair definitely doesn’t have the level of support on your spine like a Dx racer gaming chair would. Its very easy to understand why and that’s because they don’t come with pillows like really, why don’t they? Dx racer gaming chairs come with lumbar pillows for your spine to offer support to your spine. Even the most expensive office chair cannot compare to the cheapest gaming chair when it comes to back support.

    Headrest are for the Best

    Out of All the office chairs I have sat in which has probably been hundreds, only about 2 of them have had headrest and they still weren’t worthy. If you spend long hours working in a corporate office a headrest is for the best for these reasons:

    • Comfort
    • efficancy
    • Productivity

    You see, if you’re comfortable that is going to increase your efficiency at work and if you’re more efficient that in turn makes you more productive. All I want to do in an office chair is get up… But in a well crafted gaming chair I can lock in to the task at hand because of the comfort.

    Lean Back

    If you have some down time at work but aren’t able to leave the office a gaming chair still has your back. There are a wide range of gaming chairs that’s have the capability to recline back 180 degrees. That’s right, it can even act as a bed, all you have to do is put the arms of the chair up and lay back into total comfort.

    Posture makes perfect

    Us humans really are not mean’t to sit down for long periods of time because it affects our posture. Doctors say that bad posture while sitting is the root cause of backpain. The last thing you feel like doing when your back is aching is sitting in the chair in your office. This is why gaming chairs are a blessing.

    There was study done stating that the lumbar pillow promoting a neutral spine, comfort and relief of back pain. The results were improvement for all participants. The lumbar pillow was found to improve the postural state of the subjects.

    Not Just for Gamers

    I know I am dragging office chairs through the mud here but I am trying to inform non hardcore gamers. Yes, these chairs are called gaming chairs and they are advertised to gamers but they should be advertised to accountants, lawyers, government workers, anyone who sits down for a living. Should look into buying a gaming chair for their health.

    Options for beginners

    • The Triigger 275
    • Best Office PC gaming Chair
    • DxRacer OH
    • The verdict

      This is hardly a split decision. If you work long hours and are prone to back problems it really is time to put the office chair away and go onto gaming chairs. Don’t let the title of the item deter you from looking into it. Gaming chairs are made for everyone and that’s what I’m here to express. Like I said before “Humans are not mean’t to sit for long periods of time” but if we are we might as well do it in style and do it comfortable as possible.